On Saturday, February 18, Evan proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Alexis, after almost six years together. Evan knew he wanted the proposal to be photographed, so he began scheming a way to have a photographer present without Alexis becoming suspicious. So the planning began! I received a call from Evan's mother who was helping him coordinate the details of the proposal. She explained that Evan wanted to propose to Alexis in front of their home that they had recently purchased together. Evan had, cleverly, reached out to the real estate agent, Mary Beth, who assisted them in the purchase of their house. Mary Beth, who happens to be a friend and client of mine, was thrilled to play a part in Evan's proposal plan and came up with a great way to explain having a photographer present for the special occasion. Mary Beth contacted Alexis and asked if she and Evan would be willing to participate in an advertising campaign for her real estate company and have a photographer come take pictures of them in their new home. Alexis agreed, and Evan's plan was well under way! Mary Beth gave Evan my name, and he then put his mom, Tatia, in charge of reaching out to me to coordinate the photography of the proposal. Tatia was thrilled to help with the planning process and had a surprise of her own that she was working on - she was planning a celebratory dinner for Evan and Alexis at a nearby restaurant, Bonta Del Forno, where she and the rest of their immediate family (who all lived out of town) would be waiting to congratulate the newly engaged couple.

A few weeks passed, and it was finally the BIG day! I had emailed Evan and Alexis the week before to confirm the time and "thank them for participating in the advertising campaign for Mary Beth". I was scheduled to arrive for 4:30, knowing that their family was at the restaurant nearby and expecting them around 5:30. On the morning of the 18th, Evan called me to discuss how we would cue each other when it was time for him to get down on one knee. I had an idea and shared it with him, and Evan agreed it was perfect! After getting some posed shots in and around the house, I would pull Alexis forward and have her turn to blow Evan a kiss only to find him on his knee with a ring in hand. The plan worked and was executed flawlessly! To say she was surprised would be an understatement. After the shock of the moment, she said YES!

Alexis was beaming, and her gorgeous smile never left her face. After photographing the very candid moments following the proposal, I spent a little more time to get a few posed shots of the two of them before I "headed home". Alexis was more than anxious to call her mother and share the exciting news, but Evan encouraged her to hold off and wait until after they had had a nice dinner together, knowing that she would be greeted by all of her family very soon! I made my way to Bonta del Forno, where their family was waiting and got tucked away with them to capture the next BIG surprise for Alexis. It wasn't long before Evan and Alexis entered the restaurant. They were escorted to the wine room where their family was, unknowingly, gathered. Alexis was more than surprised when she spotted her loved ones upon entering the room. It was a beautiful moment of celebration for the newly engaged couple.

Congratulations Evan and Alexis on your engagement! It was an honor to capture those very special moments. Let the wedding planning begin!