why take bridal portraits?

Bridal portraits are a dry-run for the big day; they’re a wedding-day stress reducer, a reassuring run-through, and an excuse to wear your gown more than once. That’s why many brides favor this wedding tradition. Be sure to ask your mom or maid of honor to join you for the session. Just like your wedding day, these bridal VIPs will help you fluff your dress, fix your hair, and keep you looking your absolute best.

Many brides coordinate their hair and makeup trials with their bridal portrait session. This is a great way to see how your styling will look in photos. In some cases, you may want a touch more eyeshadow come wedding day. Or, you may realize your dream hairstyle is a bit too tight. After seeing your bridal portraits, you can ask for changes like looser curls or enhanced makeup ahead of your big day.