senior style guide

what to wear for your senior portrait experience

Whether your senior photo session is at a single location, wearing one favorite outfit, or it spans the year with multiple sessions at varying locations, the clothes you choose will have a big impact on the look and feel of your senior pictures. Planning ahead will take the stress out of your senior pictures and make them easier to enjoy.

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three questions to answer

  • Do you feel most comfortable in soft, neutral colors or in bright, bold colors?
  • Do you prefer dressy or casual clothes?
  • Is your style classic or do you like to dress with the latest trends?

choose a variety

During your session, you are allowed up to three different outfits.

Be intentional to put together a variety of looks - maybe one bold and trendy while another is neutral and classic.

recipe for light & airy style

Light and airy photography and senior pictures with a Boho vibe are very popular. If you’d like your senior pictures to have that softer “light and airy” feel, the clothes you choose play a big role in that aesthetic.

Choose neutral colors like tan, cream, gray, white, and light blues, greens and pinks. For girls, long, light dresses and skirts, and items with feminine details give the pictures a light and airy feel.

Choose khakis or other light colored pants instead of dark jeans to keep the aesthetic lighter for guys.

recipe for bold and bright style

If bold and bright is more your style, choose clothes that will pop and highlight your personality.

Bright, solid colors, especially jewel tones, photograph very well.

Avoid bright reds, oranges and neon colors because they can reflect on to your skin and make the images challenging to edit.

Patterns are OK, but stick with larger patterns if possible - at least as big as a quarter.

Remember, your session includes multiple outfits so you have the flexibility to wear several different looks!

consider your accessories

Once you have the clothes picked out for your Senior Pictures, start thinking about shoes, jewelry, and other accessories.

Your shoes will be in a lot of the photos, so be deliberate in your shoe choice and make sure they’re in good shape, not dirty or too worn.

When you are choosing accessories, simple, everyday jewelry is a smart choice. Stay away from big, flashy statement pieces that are distracting or will date the photos.

incorporate your interests

A lot of seniors like to showcase their interests or personality with props, like senior picture signs, sports equipment, musical instruments, other hobby items or even pets!

Collect those items too and make sure they’re picture-ready the night before your photoshoot.

the sky is the limit

the sky is the limit

Congratulations Senior! You did it!